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May 17 – Morning


But the LORD has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge.

(Psalm 94:22)


Dear God,

You are my rock and my fortress, my strong tower in times of trouble. You see the injustice and oppression that I face in the world, and I take comfort in knowing that You will bring justice and vindication. You are a God of truth and righteousness, and I trust in Your faithfulness to uphold me and protect me from the schemes of the enemy.

I pray that You would fill me with Your peace and strength, as I navigate through the challenges and trials that come my way. Help me to stand firm in my faith and to not be shaken by the difficulties that surround me. Thank You for being my refuge and my salvation, and I rest in the assurance that You are always with me, guiding and sustaining me through it all.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.