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June 7 – Noon


You have covered yourself with a cloud so that no prayer can get through. You have made us scum and refuse among the nations.

(Lamentations 3:60-62)


Dear God,

You have seen the wrongs done to me and the injustices I have faced. You have witnessed the abuse and mistreatment I have endured, and You know the pain and suffering I have experienced. Lord, I cry out to You for justice and deliverance, knowing that You are a God of compassion and mercy. Help me to trust in Your timing and Your plan, and to find healing and restoration in Your loving presence.

You have heard my pleas for help and my prayers for strength. You have seen my tears and felt my heartache. May Your unfailing love and faithfulness be my comfort and refuge, as I seek Your guidance and grace in the midst of my trials. Thank You for never leaving my side, and for being my rock and my salvation. In Jesus’ name, Amen.